3S Consulting Group, Inc.

Clinical Webcasts

3S recognizes the role clinical education plays in the sales process.  Manufacturers that deliver and/or support clinical education programs are often considered the clinical thought leaders within their respective market segments.

Manufacturers that rely heavily on clinical presenters to develop clinical presentation content often report experiencing some level of frustration related to one or more of the following:

• Inconsistent marketing messages from presenter to presenter
• Missed deadlines
• Need for multiple revisions
• Communication challenges
• Drain on internal resources required to manage the content development process

Our medical marketing team has been developing clinical presentations for over 20 years. 3S understands the importance of message consistency and we also understand the importance of completing assignments on time and on budget.

3S develops clinical education presentations tailored to client specific needs and objectives. Our presentation development engagements often involve developing presentations intended for educating specific clinical communities on product utilization, evidence based practices, and clinical trends.

The clinical presentations developed by 3S are often intended for the use of key opinion leaders, speakers' bureau members, and field based personnel and delivered through a variety of presentation formats including:

• Webinars
• Live Presentations

3S is experienced managing all aspects of the clinical presentation development and implementation process including targeted advertising, promotion, registration, and online hosting.

Contact us today and ensure your...

  • Company supported clinical presentations accurately and consistently capture your marketing messages
  • Clinical presentations are consistently completed on time and on budget